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Flowers Delivered for January Birthdays

Does a friend or loved one have a forthcoming birthday this month? If the answer to this question is yes, you may want to consider sending Carnations as a gift. And why carnations we hear you query. Well, the reason for this is that the carnation is January's birth flower and is therefore a very apt choice if you are considering sending birthday flowers during this month. Flowers make a great birthday gift - with the excitement of Christmas and new year so recently evaporated, we can be left feeling a tad glum and deflated this month. What better way to ward off wintry gloom and inspire cheer than with a colourful bouquet of flowers.

We provide an exciting assortment of carnation and carnation-based bouquets in an array of fabulous colours. Said to symbolise 'love, fascination and distinction,' the colour you select can also add further meaning and significance to the gift. For example, White Carnations represent luck and pure love whilst Pink Carnations are symbolic of motherly love, making them ideal for your mum's birthday. Yellow Carnations are somewhat controversially thought to represent disappointment and it has even been suggested that yellow carnations are sent to someone you would have preferred not to buy a present for, for a partner you no longer wish to continue a relationship with or someone you aren't exactly too thrilled with! This is the Victorian interpretation however and doesn't carry so much weight today, so if you appreciate the sheer beauty and splendour of yellow carnations, we reckon it's fine to send them whatever the occasion or sentiments involved.

All of our carnation bouquets fall into our great value £35 and under price range, another reason they would make an excellent choice for a January gift. If your wallet or purse is still feeling the sting of Christmas excess, a carnation bouquet is a gift you can safely invest in without having to go to drastic financial measures! Carnations are traditionally January's birth flower but this doesn't mean they can't be gifted for other occasions throughout the month; anniversaries, good luck presents or get well soon gifts and what have you.

Do you have any loved ones with birthdays this month that you plan to send Carnations?

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