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Flowers made of People!


That's right, flowers made of people. 

Sadly (or perhaps happily?) this isn't a new product available from Clare Florist, (an interesting choice for a Valentine's Day gift, perhaps? It's coming up fast!) but the nature of some amazing artworks by Cecilia Webber. Using digital photography manipulation techniques, she creates stunning 'flowers' - made out of loads of tastefully nude human bodies, coloured and shaped into stems, leavers and petals.

Speaking to the Huffington Post recently, Cecilia explained her process:

"The models up until this point in time have all been volunteers. I've had a lot of people offer to pose for my pieces spontaneously. This month will actually mark the first in which I actively recruit models, and I'm going for a mix of different ages, body types, and ethnicities. [Our] culture can be very youth-centric and airbrushed, and I'm interested in portraying a much broader picture. I also appear as the model in a great deal of my artwork; I spent the first two years making this art with a self-timer on a little point and shoot digital camera I rigged up using the hanger bar in my closet."

Given how fantastical these images are, it seems appropriate that one of her main inspirations was hearing the Lord of the Rings novels read aloud by her father.

You can find Cecilia's website at - or follow her on Twitter at, unsurprisingly, @ceciliawebber. Who knows what amazing flowers she'll create next?

All images shown here, obviously, are the copyright of Cecilia Webber.


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