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Frogs that live in Flowers

Did you know there are frogs that live in flowers?

If you've read Terry Pratchett's kids books, Truckers, Diggers and Wings, then you probably do. Those books use the idea of a frog, living in a pool of water in a flower and never knowing about the larger world outside, as a rather lovely metaphor for how we all need to look outside of our boundaries to see the wonder of the wider world.

But these frogs are very real, and they're ... kind of adorable?

In reality, the poison arrow frogs which live in Bromeliads (a family of plants which include the pineapple) do leave the flowers, once they're grown up. But as tadpoles and wee frogs, they grow up safe in the rainwater which collects in the flowers. Sheltered by the petals' calm embrace. 

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