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Happy Burns Night!

Happy Burns Night!

Rabbie Burns

A Happy Burns Night to all from Clare Florist!

And while we're sure that the classic poem 'Tae a Haggis' will be taking centre stage tonight, let's not forget that Rabbie also liked to hold court on our favourite subject -- flowers. Check out his lovely poem, 'On A Bank of Flowers', below.

'On a bank of flowers, in a summer day, 

For summer lightly drest, 
The youthful, blooming Nelly lay, 
With love and sleep opprest; 
When Willie, wand'ring thro' the wood, 
Who for her favour oft had sued; 
He gaz'd, he wish'd 
He fear'd, he blush'd, 
And trembled where he stood. 

Her closed eyes, like weapons sheath'd, 
Were seal'd in soft repose; 
Her lip, still as she fragrant breath'd, 
It richer dyed the rose; 
The springing lilies, sweetly prest, 
Wild-wanton kissed her rival breast; 
He gaz'd, he wish'd, 
He mear'd, he blush'd, 
His bosom ill at rest. 

Her robes, light-waving in the breeze, 
Her tender limbs embrace; 
Her lovely form, her native ease, 
All harmony and grace; 
Tumultuous tides his pulses roll, 
A faltering, ardent kiss he stole; 
He gaz'd, he wish'd, 
He fear'd, he blush'd, 
And sigh'd his very soul. 

As flies the partridge from the brake, 
On fear-inspired wings, 
So Nelly, starting, half-awake, 
Away affrighted springs; 
But Willie follow'd-as he should, 
He overtook her in the wood; 
He vow'd, he pray'd, 
He found the maid 
Forgiving all, and good.

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