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How Are Our Fresh Flowers Delivered?

We often get asked by our customers how our flowers will be delivered to them. What they mean by this is will the flowers have bloomed or will they need to be placed in water for a day or so to open up?

Here at Clare Florist we deliver all our flowers 'in bud' and this means that the flowers are not yet fully open. The reasons for this is mainly due to longevity, whilst we can send the flowers fully bloomed they simply won't last as long and stay as fresh as flowers which are still opening. We aim to ensure that all our customers receive their flowers as fresh as possible, which is why we deliver them in bud ready for you to place in a vase and let them bloom naturally.

Another reason we prefer to send the flowers in bud is due to the delivery of the bouquet. If they are sent in bloom the petals may get crushed against each other whilst in transit, however there is more protection for the flowers if delivered in bud ensuring they arrive with you in excellent condition.

Once you receive your flowers, simply trim the ends of the stem and add them into a vase of water, along with our sachet of flower food included. Within in a day or two they will have opened out and bloomed, filling your room with a gorgeous floral display. We guarantee all our flowers with 7 days freshness to ensure they look stunning in your home especially during Birthdays or special occasions.

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