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How to Survive Monday!

If the days of the week were enlisted in a popularity contest it would be very unlikely that Monday would come out anywhere near the top. If you’re tired of battling through Monday with no energy, read our list of tips on how best to improve your focus, concentration and mood on this most heinous of days.

Get a Good Sunday Night’s Sleep

Brew some herbal sleepy tea, have a relaxing warm bath and turn off all electronic devices. The more rested you are, the more alert and energetic you will be to calmly and confidently face Monday’s challenges. If you've had a heavy weekend, try to detox and resist the hair of the dog!


Eat Well

If you’re exhausted and feeling glum on Monday, the temptation to reach for sugary energy drinks and snacks will be high. Try to resist! Stick to healthy food such as salads, fruit and water. You’ll feel so much better for it!


Consider 3 Things That You Feel Grateful For

GratitudeIt can be easy to feel down in the dumps on Monday. The excitement of the weekend has dissipated and the harsh reality of the week’s workload has hit you like a train. If this happens to you, here’s a cool little exercise that can improve your mood – simply bring to mind three things in your life that you’re grateful for and write them down – a best friend, a hobby, your spouse for example. You’ll find this simple act will immediately increase your sense of well-being.



MeditationMeditation has been proven to increase alertness, focus and productivity whilst diminishing stress and negativity. Even if you just take 10 minutes a day to get some quiet time, you’ll see immediate benefits. There are loads of cool free mediation apps to help you with this!


Decorate your Desk with a Plant or Flowers

PhalaenopsisPlacing a plant in your office or workspace has been proven to increase productivity. Or you could also go with a colourful bouquet of flowers to lend your work area a touch of vibrancy that is sure to go some way to dispelling those Monday blues!

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