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Looking forward to the spring blossom

We've had a gorgeous couple of days up here at CF Towers. The sort of February weather where you hover by the door, almost - not quite, but almost - convinced that you should risk going out without a jacket. And it's making us think of spring.

Spring flowers.

Spring flowers, which probably aren't all that far away now. And of course, one of the most luscious of all the spring flowers is tree blossom. Look at this picture of the cherry blossom at the University of Gothenberg, in full bloom. Who could fail to be enchanted by that?

Cherry Blossom

But what is blossom?

Basically, it's the pink or white flowers of trees -- specifically 'stone fruit trees' such as cherries, apples and plums. Delicious fruit and beautiful flowers from the same generous giver. Having said this, many trees which are especially bred to produce beautiful blossoms don't actually produce fruit any more. This is particulaly true of cherry blosom such as that in the picture, which is probably the most famous type of blossom.

Cherry blossom is also known for its significance in Japanese folklore. In Japan it is referred to as Sakura, and it is often used as a metaphor for life -- which is beautiful in full bloom, but like the blossom must eventually fall away to allow new life to take its place.

So for its poetry, its beauty - and just because it means that spring is finally on its way - we can't wait for the first spring blossom to form, to bud. To bloom!

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