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More flower theft! Bride's flowers stolen :(



Is the hot weather bringing the kleptomaniacs out of doors? AFter yesterday's sad story about a woman who kept having fresh flowers taken from her mother's grave, today we've heard news of an equally heartless crime -- stealing flowers from a bride right before her wedding!

Over £1000-worth of wedding flowers were stolen from a Northumberland florist on the day of the wedding they had been arranged for.

However we at Clare Florist are happy to report that our fellow florists, the poor shop who had to deal with the theft, dealt with it magnificently -- so the bride never even had to worry! 

Florist Claire Young said she was in "complete and utter shock" when she realised they had been burgled.

"The bride is completely unaware of the situation as we didn't want to spoil her big day.

"It was frantic this morning but we rang the flower wholesaler and managed to remake every item and deliver it to the venue on time.

"It was a little bit scary when we first realised, but what else could we do?"

Meanwhile the police described the theft as "completely heartless and thoughtless".

Sgt Mick Quinn said: "Everyone knows that a wedding day is one of the happiest days in someone's life and this theft could potentially have ruined someone's day."

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