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Flowers Planted by Volunteers Stolen :(

Flowers Planted by Volunteers Stolen :(


A sad tale this week; a small tale, but a sad one.

Villagers from Bishops Stortford have reported a heartless flower theft -- of flowers that had been planted by volunteers for the local Stortford in Bloom display just one day earlier. 


Volunteers spent all day planting pretty blooms around Stortford on Wednesday -- only to discover the next day that all of the flowers outside the town library had been nicked!

Jan Richardson, of Stortford in Bloom said: "All the work is carried out by volunteers and we were out all day yesterday working hard to make the town look nice; it's despicable that someone could do this.

"We would just like the plant back please. We are just so fed up with the vandalism."

If there is a moral to this story, it is probably simply: don't steal flowers. People left them there for a reason.

Yes, it's a small moral. But it's an important one!

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