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?Pothole Gardener? brightens up London

Park Bench

Steve Wheen, a 34-year-old man from London, has created some of the loveliest flower art we’ve ever seen.

There’s really not a lot to say about these, except….awwww look how cute!

Steve’s been making these amazing little scenes around London for three years now, perhaps inspired by the magical miniature art of Slinkachu. The pothole gardens cost him just a few pounds to put together – and the results are magical!

'I'm always surprised when I ask people what they think the message is behind my work,' he said.

'Often they think I'm protesting - I've even had one person suggest I was marking the places where people have died in car accidents.

'I think in a city like London, where it's easy to feel starved of green space, my message can be seen as a green one and that's fine with me.

'The environment is something we all need to be thinking about more and more.

'But most importantly, it's all about making people smile [and] giving them an unexpected moment of happiness.'

Tower Bridge


All images copyright Steve Wheen.

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