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Orchid appears in Jersey after 84 years


A flower which hasn't been seen in Jersey since before the Second World War has been spotted growing on the island by a group of schoolchildren. 

The flower is the Spider Orchid, an interesting-looking plant with clutches of small dark flowers which resemble spiders. 

"It is an early spider orchid and they are not known for their pollination skills, they don't pollinate very quickly. It is incredibly difficult to get the situation just right for them to grow," said Ms Dallman of the National Trust for Jersey.

"To see one come up of its own accord is incredibly rare and exciting. I looked at it more closely and it didn't look right. I happened to have my flower book in my pocket and it looked like a spider orchid.

"I phoned a botanist friend from the Societe Jersiais who was shopping at the time. When I described the flower she dropped the shopping and was here within 10 minutes."

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