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Serenity Spray Carnations with Free Chocolates

Sometimes, it can be tough to find inspiration when you're seeking a unique, memorable yet affordable gift to bestow upon a loved one for a birthday, anniversary, or any similar sort of occasion.

What if I told you that you can have fresh flowers with chocolates delivered for under £20?</Morpheus Voice>

That's right, the Serenity flower and chocolates gift bundle is just the affordable yet spellbinding present you're looking for.

Each order of Serenity includes a delightfully petite nosegay of pink and purple spray carnations, a flower renowned for its calming and enchanting properties. And just what the heck is a nosegay?! we hear you scream. A nosegay, also known as a posy, is kind of like a slightly smaller version of a regular bouquet. With no less than 15 stems, our Serenity nosegay veers on the generously large side yet it is still cutely compact enough to warrant the nosegay name. Nosegays and posies are a great reminder that quality trumps quantity (if it's a choice between one or the other, anyway. By that we mean that if you want to opt for both quantity AND quality, one of our 100 rose bouquets will be pretty hard to top.)

OK, so we've covered the flowers, what else does the Serenity gift bundle include, we hear you eagerly demand. Dear reader, it includes chocolates; no less than 96 grams of the Thornton's finest Premium Collection chocolates. As a result, not only is this a visually stunning gift, it's also delicious too, a multi-sensory delight! Every order comes with a free personalised gift message which you can upgrade to a splendid handwritten card for a mere £2.95 extra. Whatever the occasion is, the Serenity Spray Carnations gift bundle is destined to make an immensely favourable impression on anyone lucky enough to receive it.

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