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The Positive Effect of Flowers on Workplace Productivity

Whisper it, but this is one of those stories that, even if it weren’t supported by any scientific evidence, we’d still like to believe was true. Because, after all, what could be better than having an extra excuse to flood your workplace (home, office, bathroom, garden shed, etc…) with flowers?

But hell, if somebody wants to go out and research the ways that flowers make you work better, feel happier and generally be more productive as you bustle around the place, then we certainly aren’t going to stand in their way.

And that’s exactly what a new post on Greatist purports to do. It says:

“It turns out flowers might hold the key to better mood, empathy, and innovation, both at home and in the workplace.”

Too right! But wait, there’s more…

Flora in the workplace can also promote creativity. Women and men working in an office environment with flowers and plants demonstrated more innovative thinking, generated more ideas, and created more original solutions to problems than workers whose offices were bereft of foliage. The presence of flora in the workplace can also make us feel like our office is more comfortable and attractive.”

And the nice folks at Greatist have even left us a list of little tips for how to incorporate flowers into our daily schedule. This is their advice...admittedly, we're not sure how the lavender-stuffed pillow would go down with your boss:

  • Keep fresh flowers on the office desk. Or, leave some in the kitchen or bathroom at work.
  • At home, place fresh flowers in the rooms where you spend the most time or do the most work. (The kitchen, office, living room, and bedroom are all good options.)
  • Take breaks to water the plants at work. Or try growing your own flowers if you have space and time. Research suggests tending to flowers amplifies the benefits of looking at them, and can improve health, well-being, and life satisfaction.
  • Sleep with a lavender-stuffed pillow. Lavender might reduce insomnia, nervousness, and irritability, so you’ll be peppier the next day at work.

Sounds good to us! (And not to blow our own trumpet too much, but if this has inspired you to fill your workplace with some marvellous blooms, then you need look no further than the Clare Florist site to get your hands on the perfect arrangement. We reckon that this wonderful Cascade Bouquet, with its beautiful pink oriental lilies, would be the ideal way to bring some life into a dull office!)

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