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The Secret Meaning of Flowers Part 1: Calla Lilies

Today sees the start of a new series of articles on the Clare Florist blog in which we take a more in-depth look at the hidden meaning of various flowers. Today kicks off with the Calla Lilly, a flower renowned for its striking and exceptional beauty. It should come as little surprise, then, that the secret meaning of Calla Lilies is "magnificent beauty."

It's therefore little wonder that Calla Lilies are such popular romantic flowers, gifted to your partner or your crush to convey to them that their beauty is analogous to the beauty of this mysterious and captivating flower. Of course, beauty doesn't only refer to physical attributes, it can be much more profound than that. True beauty refers to everything about a person which is why Calla Lilies make for such a meaningful Anniversary Gift as well.

Clare Florist's Black Magic Calla Lilies are a fine example of why Calla Lilies are held in such high regard as a flower of insurmountable beauty. Exhibiting captivating shades varying from deep red, maroon and purple, these flowers seem to change colour depending on how the light hits them - almost akin to the #thedress phenomenon that prompted mass internet hysteria last month!

As is the case with all our flowers, these beauties are delivered by courier with free standard next day delivery. The signature Clare Florist flower delivery box ensures that your exquisite floral gift reaches its intended recipient in absolutely immaculate condition.

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