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The Secret Meaning of Flowers Part 2: Chrysanthemums

There is more to flowers than meets the eye. Many flowers, as well as being startlingly beautiful, are also invested with fascinating hidden meanings, which can influence the nuance of a gift or gesture when sending flowers to a loved one. In part 2 of a new series investigating the secret meanings of various types of flower, we'll be looking at Chrysanthemums.

The Chrysanthemum is native to Asia and north-eastern Europe, with a history of cultivation stretching as far back as China in the 15th century BC. The fact that the name of the flower has the word 'mum' hidden within it has led to the Chrysanthemum becoming a popular Mother's Day gift in Australia, with young men adorning their lapels with the flower to pay tribute to their mothers. The popularity of Chrysanthemums in Europe really took off in the 17th century and today it is amongst the most popular flowers for flower arranging, bouquets, gardens and more.

The secret meaning of Chrysanthemums is said to be 'abundance and wealth' - the Chinese origin of this particular flower makes us think of Chinese fables of prosperity and also of fortune cookies and the like. The fact that this flower represents wealth and success makes it ideal as a Congratulations gift for a friend or relative who is the bearer of good news, be it a job promotion, university acceptance or a lottery win (you definitely want to keep in with them and send them a gift if it's the latter).

Clare Florist have tons of bouquets with Chrysanthemums contained within them, such as the ever-popular Cool Shades Bouquet. As well as Chrysanthemums, this radiant bouquet also contains stunning calla lilies and eye-catching green anastasia, all artfully arranged amidst a tasteful backdrop of cool tropical green leaves.

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