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Top 5 Flower Care Tips and Tricks

Wanting to keep your flowers looking fresh for longer this January? Here are our recommended quick top 5 flower care tips and tricks.

Tip 5 - Top up the Water in your Vase Every 2-3 Days

To keep a flower looking healthy and fresh for longer, we recommend that you empty and refill the water in your vase every couple of days. Fresh water not only keeps your flowers looking new for longer, it also helps get rid of that sour rotten flower smell which can appear when they are sitting for too long.

Tip 4 - Trim the Stems of your Flower at an Angle by half an inch

By trimming the stem of your flower we get rid of any dead cells at the base of the stem, which helps to expose fresh stem tissue to effectively soak up water. The angle also ensures better water absorption.

Tip 3 - Avoid High Temperatures and Bright Sunlight

Just because flowers grow outside doesn't mean that you should leave them in the sun all day long. Just like our skin, the UV rays from the sun can cause the flower to prematurely wilt, so instead keep them in a slightly shaded spot to ensure longevity.

Tip 2 - Ensure your Scissors are Sharp when Cutting the Stem

A dull, blunt scissor will cause more harm than good when cutting the base of the stem before placing your flower in water. A sharp scissor ensures that there is a clean, even slice, and won't damage the cells of the stem so that it can absorb water.

Tip 1 - Prevent Rose Heads from Dropping

Should your rose heads be dropping from being left outside water for too long, you can revive them by placing the stems into one inch of hot water for roughly 30 seconds. This treatment helps remove tiny air pockets in the stem to ensure the water travels up the stem easier.

What are your favorite flower and plant care tips?

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