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Top 5 House-warming Gifts for a New Home

It's one of the biggest moments in anyone's life; moving into a new home. Few things are more exciting and more stressful than moving house, so it's important to congratulate your loved ones on their new abode with a well-chosen house-warming gift.

1. A Piece of Artwork

Housewarming Gifts ArtworkWhether it's a sculpture or a painting, some artwork is a great way to lend a touch of sophistication to any new surroundings. A word of warning, however - if you do decide to purchase artwork for your loved one's new home, make sure you know their tastes!

2. A Bottle of Their Favourite Drink

Housewarming Gifts WhiskyIs your friend or relative a wine connossuier or a whisky afficiando? If you know their favourite tipple, a bottle of said beverage cannot fail to go down well as an impressive and much appreciated house-warming gift. If you're lucky they might even share with you!

3. A Plant

Lilac PhalaenopsisIf you aren't sure of their artistic or alcohol tastes, you can't go wrong with a house-warming-plant as a gift for a new home. Plants are great gifts as they need to be loved, cared for and nurtured and the recipient will always remember you as they look after their cherished new plant. A plant will also add some colour and natural charm to any interior.

4. Homewares

Housewarming Gifts HomewaresA decorative chopping board, some elegant glassware, fancy cutlery or some new dishes can be a great house-warming gift. If possible, it's a good idea to try and work out if there is anything in particular that they need. If they already have two kettles then a state of the art new kettle might not be the best idea!

5. A Bouquet of Flowers

Rose and FreesiaThere are few occasions when a fresh bouquet of gorgeous flowers doesn't go down a treat. A bouquet of New Home Flowers will lend a touch of colour to any surroundings and will also add a pleasant aroma to any room interior.

Have you ever went with any of the above suggestions when shopping for a house-warming gift? Or perhaps you went with something else that didn't make our list?

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