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Top 5 Reasons to Send Her Flowers

Men tend to be pragmatic and hands-on by nature, preferring problem solving and practical solutions to inspired, beautiful gestures. For this reason, many men may be reluctant to send romantic flowers to their girlfriend, wife or crush, viewing it as a waste of money. This viewpoint couldn't be further from the truth and today we'll be exploring the top five reasons why sending her flowers is such a thoughtful and appreciated gesture.

1. Beauty by Association

No-one can deny that flowers are gorgeous to look at. Everytime your better half looks at the flowers you sent her, she will be overwhelmed by their beauty whilst at the same time being reminded of who sent them to her. This connotation cannot fail to reflect favourably on the person sending the flowers!

2. Express those Emotions

Men are often emotionally reserved, leaving their partners hungry for emotional engagement. Sending flowers offers a great way to get the ball rolling, reminding her how much she means to you without having to resort to serenading her from below as she swoons at an ornate top floor balcony. Including a handwritten card with a couple of poetic lines surely won't do any harm either!

3. Flowers Improve Mood

Research has indicated that flowers can enhance your mood, alleviating anxiety whilst also boosting productivity and motivation. This lift in morale is sure to make things more harmonious at home and, again, the improved mood from the flowers will come to be associated with the person that gave them in the first place.

4. Women Remember Flowers

As far as gifts go, there is nothing quite as unforgettable as flowers. The statistics back this up; a consumer study indicated that 92% of women recall the last time they were given flowers. Spontaneity also works wonders; 83% said they like to receive flowers out of the blue. And a staggering 99% reported that they viewed a person who gives flowers as being thoughtful and considerate.

5. Sending Flowers Makes you look Good

A study conducted by Rutgers University determined that men who gift their partner with flowers are deemed to be happy, achieving, strong, capable and brave. So not only does sending her flowers improve her mood, it also paints you in a better light!

As you can see, there's nothing that can really backfire when you send her flowers. With just about any other gift, you always run the risk that she might not like it or it won't be suitable. Flowers are always appreciated, especially when she least suspects it!

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