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Top Tips for Tuesday: growing winter cacti

Top Tips for Tuesday: growing winter cacti


Winter can be a frustrating time for the gardener. Even those delicate blooms which can be coaxed into life during the wintr months tend to require a whole lot of care and extra attention. And even then, a sudden cold snap can make all of that hard work go to waste. 

Thankfully, there is an easier option. Grow a cactus. Indoors. It'll stay alive even if you pointedly ignore it. It's like a tamagotchi that's been programmed not to die. 

But even with the immortal cactus, there's a few ways to make even more certain that your new spiky best friend will stay alive. Here are our top tips:

1 - Use a cactus-friendly potting soil, and houseplant food featuring nitrogen and phosphorous

2 - above the potting soil, make your cactus look and feel better by giving it a layer of sand or gravel

3 - Choose the best location in your house. Okay, it's January, there probably isn't a sunny spot, but go for the least wintery one.

4 - Give it a shot of houseplant food on occasion - once every few months shuold be enough.

5 - ....wear gloves!

Sore paw

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