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Traditional Winter Holiday Flowers - Amaryllis

Amaryllis are perhaps a less well known traditional winter holiday flower than, say, the more well-known Poinsettia. However, if you are looking for a less obvious choice this Christmas and New Year, one of our Amaryllis bouquets could be just the thing. Native to South America, the Amaryllis enjoys popularity across the globe with many different countries and cultures. Part of the appeal of Amaryllis lies in their simple, uncomplicated timeless beauty which makes this bouquet suitable for practically any kind of occasion, whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or new year's celebration.

Our gorgeous Velvet Red Amaryllis bouquet is delivered in bud - the reason for this is so that you can witness the full extent of their beauty as they bloom in the recipient's home. The flowers can take from two to four days to open fully which allows you to appreciate their majestic, gradually unfolding beauty in all its glory.


Not so keen on red? Why not have a look at our Mont Blanc Amaryllis bouquet. The white hue of the petals means that this bouquet will lend itself well to any kind of wintry celebration, whether it's Christmas, New Year, or a birthday or anniversary that happens to land over the months of December or January. As with its red cousin, the Mont Blanc are delivered in bud to enable you to witness the full extent of its glorious bloom.

Both of these Amaryllis flower bouquets are available with standard next day delivery included in the price. These bouquets are delivered in our stylish signature flower box and there is the option to upgrade your order by including luxurious chocolates, a handwritten card or even a resplendent glass vase. These bouquets come with five flowers as standard but for a little extra you can upgrade your order to the deluxe version which includes 10 stems!

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