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Uncommon Uses for Flowers (Part 2)

Continuing on from our previous post about uncommon uses for flowers, let's delve further into other fun and interesting (read: weird) things that you can do with flowers rather than just decorating your home. 

Using Flowers as Medicine

Flowers have been used for centuries in a wide range of different cultures to cure illnesses or ease symptoms. One example is carnations, which, when separated from the base of the flower, they can be brewed and used to elevate anxiety of stress.

Other flowers that are often used as medicine are the dandelion which helps to clean the blood, and lilacs which can be used to reduce a fever and get rid of internal parasites.

Using Flowers to Relax

Whilst flowers can be used anesthetically to brighten your home, specific flowers such as lavender are often used in candles and oils as they add a relaxing feel to your surroundings. Whether you are looking to relax after a long day, or you're overly stressed planning a wedding or party, sit back and relax to the smell of crush lavenders.

Using Flowers for Pets

It's not just you and your guests who enjoy flowers. How about your dog? We've discovered that passion flower which can be seen in tropical gardens, helps to elevate the mood of your pet! Supposedly there has been research into this and the plant helps reduce anxiety in your pet and also calms down any stressed or fearful dogs.

So if you come home to a torn up living room, or your dog is always panting and wanting your attention, maybe an investment in some passion flowers might be worth a look!

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