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Uncommon Uses for Flowers (Part 1)

Whilst the majority of our customers purchase flowers to brighten up their home or to send to friends, there are some people who use Flowers for other, slightly unusual purposes! Here at Clare Florist we have collected our top alternative uses for flowers to hopefully inspire you to think of other ways that flowers can be used

Using Flowers as Food

Whilst we are not suggesting that you start to nibble on your carnations when feeling a bit hungry during the day, there are a wide variety of different flowers which are edible and each have their own specific uses. Please note that we do not suggest randomly eating a flower until you have consulted your doctor!

One such example is the Pansy flower, which has edible petals akin to that of lettuce and are often used with salad. You can also see Pansy petals on the sides of cakes as an extra decoration. An other prime example is that of the Hibiscus flower which can be used to make tea by placing the petals in hot water.

The main edible flower of course is the Sunflower. The seeds, buds and petals are all edible, and sunflower seeds can be found all around the UK for nibbling on.

Using Flowers as Wildlife Repellant

With many of us not wishing to put pesticides on our lawn to keep away insects, using natures own flowers can be a much easier solution. nasturtiums are one of the best flowers to keep insects away, and have been used to ward of flies, aphids, beetles and mugs. They are most commonly planted around your pumpkins, cucumbers and beans to help keep the bugs away.

White Geraniums have also been used to attract Japanese Beetles, and once the beetles eat them they will later die. It is recommended you plant from around 10-20 feet from your garden to trap any beetles outside.

Using Flowers as Clothes

Whilst it is unlikely that you'll be able to wear a pair of Roses or wear a sunflower as a hat, floral patterns have adorned clothes for centuries. You only need to look into any clothes shop during the spring and summer months to see floral jeans or shirts. Also think of Weddings when you often see flowers in peoples hats, or especially in Scotland when you have the thistle on the lapel.

That concludes are first part of our Uncommon Uses for Flowers. Join us for Part II when we will explore some other unique uses that you weren't away of.

Can you think of any other uses? If so, let us know and we will include add them to our list!

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