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Valentines Day Decorations

Decorations for Valentines Day

With Valentine's Day only 2 weeks away, around the world it will be celebrated with the exchange of romantic gifts, presents, valentines flowers and trips to restaurants or exotic holidays abroad. Love and Romance are the central themes for any Valentines Day inspired events so should you be looking to throw a valentines parties, perhaps you will find some of our suggestions useful to make your party a success!

Initial Planning Step

12 luxury roses valentines bouquet rosesFirst thing to do is decide what you want your party to include. Do you want it to be an event just for you and your partner? Or are you planning on throwing a singles party where all your single friends can get together to forget any valentines blues? Think about how many people you are expecting, where they will seat, what drinks to get and what food and snacks you need.

If you're having a romantic night in, first check what time your partner will be available and make sure they have nothing else planned that night (unlikely!)

Valentines Day Decorations

If its just you and your partner you may only need a few candles, soft music and a well laid dinning table. Make sure to remove any distractions like a TV playing or unwanted phone calls (perhaps both put your phone on silent for those few hours) A nice throw and some pillows are perfect for snuggling up to each other, especially if you choose to watch a movie. You can further decorate your table and room with some framed photos of you both, or run a slide show on a laptop.

If you are throwing a Valentines party with your friends, you may want to get some upbeat music playing, or perhaps arrange a stack of your favourite romantic DVDs for watching with your friends. Alternatively you could hang up some balloons to brighten up your room. 

Valentines Day Flowers

Naturally Valentines Day wouldn't be complete without Flowers. We here at Clare Florist stock a wide selection of valentine inspired flowers that will be an ideal treat to show your special someone how much you care.

True Romance 12 red roses valentines day bouquetSome of our most popular Valentines Flowers includes our True Romance 12 Red Roses Bouquet, a luxurious bouquet bursting full of red tones. This stunning bouquet is made up of 12 top grade, large headed freedom roses, wrapped around a green leaf backdrop. A fantastic gift for placing in a vase upon your table top, this rose bouquet is sure to be cherished.

24 red roses flower bouquet valentines by clare floristAnother popular flower for valentines day is our gorgeous 24 red rose bouquet, guaranteed to leave a big impression. This stunning arrangement of 24 roses is a lovely heartfelt gesture to show how much you care, and adds a great touch to your Valentines decorations.

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