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Wishing you a wonderful Valentine's Day

Wishing you a wonderful Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Rose

On this day of the year, of all days of the year, what else is there that a florist's blog can say?

We hope that you're having an amazing Valentine's Day. We hope that, whether you're married, engaged, dating, flirting, looking or happily single, that this day brings you happiness. That if you're a romantic, you get to wake up to a single rose and a box of chocolates on the pillow next to you. That if you're a cynic, that you see enough red glittery hearts and overcommercialised pseudo-romance to thoroughly enjoy being cynical about. That if you're superstitious, that Cupid's bow will twangggg for you. That if you're just quietly waiting to see what happens, that something will happen.

We hope that somebody gets you flowers. 

We hope that you smell, in the fresh petals of a bunch of lilies, the pure clean scent of love. We hope that you see, in the curls and folds of a rose's petals, the mystery and shadow of passion. 

We hope that you get somebody flowers. 

That they smile when they see them, that they laugh with delight as they open the box, that they inhale deeply of the floral scents inside, and see the meaning behind the gesture, the love that you put into choosing just those flowers, for just that person.

On just this day.

We hope that you have a wonderful Valentine's Day.

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