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The Secret Meaning of Flowers Part 7: Orange Roses

Roses are so laden with meanings dependent on the particular colour that we decided to break down the most popular colours into separate articles. Popular as a romantic gesture, sending roses is a time honoured tradition on anniversaries, Valentine's Day and other romantic occasions. But the meaning of roses is not limited to romance alone! With so many different colours of rose available and just as many different associations and connotations, there is a lot to consider when contemplating sending roses to a friend, relative or flame.

Interestingly, Orange Roses didn't come into existence until the beginning of the 20th century when cultivators experimented with crossing red and yellow coloured roses. Whilst red roses represented love and yellow roses represented friendship, orange roses sat somwhere in the middle, offering up a more subtle, nuanced and slightly ambibuous significance.

Enthusiasm, fascination and passion are three of the main meanings behind the orange rose. If you are fascinated by someone but do not want to send them yellow roses of friendship or red roses of love, orange roses can make for an interesting and mysterious gesture.

Clare Florist's Dozen Orange Roses Bouquet is an undeniably eye-catching affair which features no less than 12 of the freshest high grade roses, beautifully presented in a bed of gypsophilia. Ideal for an assortment of different occasions, this gorgeous bouquet is available now with standard next day delivery at the fantastic sale price of only £34.99!

Orange RosmeriaIf you want to mix things up a little, take a look at our famous Orange Rosmeria Bouquet, an exquisite blend of roses and alstroemeria. This captivating bouquet includes free standard next day delivery for the total price of only £32.99 whilst stocks last.

Warmest WishesAnother bouquet in the orange rose vein is our Warmest Wishes arrangement which features a mixture of red, orange and two-tone roses. Orange is known to be a healing colour which means this bouquet would make for a thoughtful get well soon gift.

As you can see, the orange rose is a versatile and interesting flower which can be sent for a number of different reasons. Let us know what you think in the comments...

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