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Pressed Flowers

This has become a very popular craft and it's popularity is growing as people grow moreand more aware of the things they dispose of and they want to recycle as muchas they can – and what better way to do this than make your own gorgeous masterpiecethat you can keep forever? Who wants to throw out what was a gorgeous bouquet because it has started to wilt? Pressed Flowers are just one of the FlowerCrafts that have taken off in recent years. It is no longer just a Children's pastime – although is a great activityfor children – and something that the whole family can get involved in. 

It is SO EASY to do – and need not cost you a penny!

  • Firstly put your flowers inside sheets of plain paper or similar to avoid colour  dying. Take care of the way in which you place them as if you want a “side  view” in your picture for example, you willneed to lay your flower this way to  press.
  • An expensive flower press is not needed – anything that will put pressure and weight onto your flowers will do. Placing inside a heavy book and lodging under your sofa (for example) should work just as well.
  • WAIT. This may take some time depending on the moisture within the flowers and how much pressure they have on them.

Of course, you can you can use a flower press - which need not be expensive – go for asmall one when you first start out – or even a second hand one if you wish. Otherwise, if you are feelingflush – there are a multitude of presses available in all shapes, sizes and for all budgets.

  • Uses for Pressed flowers

Why limit yourself to making pictures? Pressed flowers are also great for making cards (Mother's Day perhaps?), Diary/journalcovers, and to decorate all sorts of items around your house such as: napkinrings, candles, table mats and tablecloths – the list really is endless.

And Pressing Flowers is far from the only craft you can use flowers for – there are so many other craft ideas – which I will go into later... so watch this space!

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