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What flowers men said they would buy for Mother's Day.

What flowers men said they would buy for Mother's Day.

Viki carried out a survey for the types of flowers that men say they would buy for their Mother for Mother's day 2007

The major problem that occurred with this survey was that a lot of men when asked could not pinpoint a specific flower (and have thus been left off of the list and chart). 

Menschoiceofflowerformothersday07Please compare these findings with my previous findings i.e. What Mothers want versus what their sons think they want – you will see some discrepancies!  Lilies were only picked by 1 son in my poll whereas daffodils (going by % rate) were much preferred by sons than by Mums – one citing the reason for this as being the cost – that they can be picked up so cheaply!!! (I hope your Mother is not reading!).  Roses however, were by far the most favoured by men to buy for their mothers.

NameAgeOccupationFlower TypeMax. SpendComments
Peter L 31 Retail Worker Tulips £20
Mark M 20 Unemployed Daffodils £30
Charles F 40 Chartered Accountant Roses £20
Nicky T 25 Council Worker Roses £20
Ross G 37 Police Constable Lilies £10
Graham F 57 Retired Police Sergeant Pink or Red Carnations £20 Not keen on White Carnations
Paul C 36 University Administrator Gerbera or Rose £20 Or £5 for single flower
Callum R 41 Lawyer Daffodils As cheap as possible!
Maurice R  54 Motor Sales Manager Roses £20

Most men would buy a mixed bouquet, and would be quite happy to pay a florist upto their monetary limit to make up a bouquet, relying on the expertise and discretion of the staff to come up with something suitable for their Mother.  Luckily at Clare's we have that expertise...

One Mum who received a bouquet for Mothers Day put together by the Clare's team, had this to say:

“My bouquet was beautiful and so well made up.  It contained all my favourites – Roses, Lilies, Pink Daisies – in fact all of the flowers were pink – set off against beautiful dark green foliage.  I thought that the “thank you card” inside was a great touch (as it saves having to go out and purchase one - and perhaps forgetting to.  There were still plenty of buds when it arrived and so a week on the flowers are still looking as lovely as the day I got them - and the scent is gorgeous – everyone who has been in the room has commented on it.  They were so well presented as well – I did not want to unwrap them.  I would certainly use Clare's when sending flowers myself in the future” - Marion, 53, Edinburgh.

Posted by Bob for Viki.

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