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Musical Plants?!

After learning about the Botanic Gardens Midsummer events I just had to see the ‘music playing plants’ for myself. “An interactive sound installation in which living plants ‘play' Chinese musical instruments as they react to human movement.” The music is generated through an interaction between people, plants and robots which alter the composition according to noise, movement, and moisture. I loved the strange combination of different elements, the juxtaposition of modern technology and organic nature. There were also some nice orchids and other flowers in full blossom and scent in the glasshouses, and outside there was more music, with live musicians dotted around the gardens continuing the Chinese theme. A lovely way to spend the first day of summer, despite it being cloudy and the rain that descend in the late afternoon.

Happy first day of Summer!

— Lucy

Here are a few pictures from the glasshouse. Can you spot the bamboo and robot instruments in the second picture?


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