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Attracting Wildlife to the Garden

We all know that flowers are the most important part of the garden! But the beauty of nature is that, red in tooth and claw though it may be, it’s all mutually dependent. So the better your garden is for wildlife, the better it is for flowers too.

And we’re getting better at it: though we have paved over a shameful amount of our gardens in recent years, more and more people are making their gardens into havens for wildlife too: new research suggests that one in three people now take deliberate measures to attract wildlife into their garden.

This represents an increase of more than 30% on 4 years ago, surely a good sign!

62% of people say they feed the birds in their garden.


Other great ways to attract wildlife into your garden include creating cosy habitats from leaves and bark to make sure that shy creature, from frogs to hedgehogs, have a warm, dark space to curl up.

Don’t tidy the garden too much, either! Dead plants are a vital part of the ecosystem. Ladybirds will make their homes on them, and rodents will nibble unruly stalks.

And of course having a vibrant garden for wildlife will make it a haven for bees and butterflies, too – which in turn, is great news for your flowerbeds!


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