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Flowers Finally Blooming - Look Out for Slugs!


Finally, the weather is turning! I mean, us lot here at CF Towers aren't getting too excited, because getting too excited is a shortcut to a month-long downpour with accompanying hurricanes. But you can't deny, it's looking a lot nicer out there.

Which means that flowers will be blooming.

Which means: hurray! We bloomin' love flowers, us.

But as ever, the silver lining is carried by a cloud. 

In this case, a cloud of slugs (ew): the Telegraph has published a piece warning that last year's wet summer provided ideal breeding conditions for the slimy little buggers. So take heed!

Guy Barter of the Royal Horticultural Society explained: "Last year slugs had a field day. Slugs wander around on a trail of slime and can't stand dryness. It set in to rain last April and carried on raining throughout the breeding time for slugs."

So extra precautions may be necessary if you want those pretty new petals to survive in their hungry new world. 

But at least it isn't snowing.

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