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Autumn is here !

Autumn officially starts around the 15th of September, this seems to have been when the weather has actually improved this year!!
Before the 16th century, Harvest was the term used for this season. However when people gradually moved from working the land to living in towns the word harvest lost its reference and was replaced by Fall and Autumn.
Fall is generally used in America where people decorate their doors and gardens with harvest fruits and autumn leaves in preparation for Thanksgiving and Halloween which is a huge event in the US.
Our Autumn range uses all the shades of the changing scenery, burnt oranges, warm browns, berries and golden sunsets.
Personally I think there is nothing better than a nice sunny walk through crispy autumn leaves whilst you are nicely wrapped up.
Here is my favourite bouquet from our Autumn Range it's sweet scented brown freesia and delicate peach roses with winter crocosmia berries - fabulous !!

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