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Floral Names

Driving through the city last weekend I was looking at all the amazing colours upon the trees, especially when the sun was shinning.
It got me thinking about all the different varieties of trees we have here.

As we know floral names have always been popular for baby girls:
April, Bluebell, Daisy, Heather, Iris, Jasmine, Lily, Poppy and Violet to name but a few.
But now it seems that some people are choosing Tree names. However I think they are more suitable to baby boys names as they are more strong, sturdy and masculine.

Tree names suitable for boys:
Ash, Aspen, Beech, Birch, Cedar, Elm, Maple, Oak, Teak and Yew.
I really cant see these catching on - can you ?

These tree names would be good for girls :
Apple, Hazel, Cherry, Holly, Laurel, Myrtle, Olive and Willow.

Do you know any guys who would suit this name ? OAK ?

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