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Summer's Here... Almost!

OK, so technically the first day of Summer isn?t until the middle of June, but with the glorious sunshine we?ve been having recently (even though there?s been a fair bit of rain mixed in too, but we are in Britain after all!) and the bright, beautiful summer flowers starting to come in, it?s hard not to feel at least a little bit summery.

On warm, sunny days, it?s great to stroll down the street and enjoy the breathtaking beauty that  summer brings: fresh, bright gardens full of all kinds of colourful blooms; people relaxing in parks beneath the blossoming trees; and generally everything seeming that little bit brighter. And as the days get longer, and hopefully warmer and sunnier, there should be even more time to take stock and appreciate all these things.

 Of course, for our expert florists, the new summer additions offer new blends to add to the mix, creating even more stunning arrangements to help recreate that outdoor, summer splendour inside.  With the hot weather looming, we've also got some great top tips for flower care to make sure these gorgeous arrangements keep their beauty for as long as possible.

So... if you?re looking for vibrant and eye catching to get you in the mood for Summer, then Burst of Summer or Vibrant Vibe could be for you, or if you?d prefer crisp and understated, how about Summer Orchard Flowers?  And don?t forget our British Flowers, offering the very best that the Great British Summer has to offer.

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