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Disaster Strikes! But the Daves carry on...


110813b If you've been keeping up with our blog or some of our Twitter news, you'll know that this is the week of the big fundraising event - our very own Dave M, and friend Dave B, set off from London on Saturday on their cycle back to Edinburgh in aid of two fantastic charities: Maggie's Cancer Caring Centres and the Lothian Autistic Society.

Three days in and everything was going smoothly - They were making good time and not feeling too weary from their efforts...


But as they neared Sheffield, they hit a bump - or rather, a tram line - in the road, and disaster struck when Dave M caught his front wheel in the tram lines, causing him to go over the bars.

110815 pics

Now sporting a fractured elbow and various nasty cuts and bruises, poor Dave's left devastated at having to give up the remainder of the cycle. Determined to carry on and make it all the way home, Dave B will continue the cycle alone, with Dave M lending plenty of moral support from the safety of the backup van.  Let's hope the rest of the trip is a bit less eventful!

They're now over halfway through but still some long cycles ahead, so please send them your comments and words of support to spur them along!

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