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Weird and wonderful flowers – Kniphofias

Our weird and wonderful flowers blog each week takes a look at a species or two of flowers that the majority of people would not have any clue even existed. From rare and exotic species to ones which have evolved highly unique mechanisms to increase their chances of survival, each week we bring you a highly unique and interesting plant to help increase your interesting flower knowledge. Today were going to look the colourful and dramatically unusual kniphofias.

The Kniphofia genus have many common names such as Red hot poker, Tritoma, Torch lily or poker plant all of which are based on its unusual bright, colourful and rocket shaped flowers. Originating from South Africa this plant has been introduced to many countries and now grows wildly in parts of North America, New Zealand, Australia and as a garden plant in Europe to name a few and is an absolute favourite of humming birds. This plant is visually very impressive and requires a lot of space, with its beautiful cascading flower flowers flowing from red through orange and finally yellow it’s a definite head turner and not to difficult to grow.


In terms of its growing temperature it’s a pretty versatile plant and can survive in temperatures between –10oC and ~35oC but in the winter months may need some added mulch give it a warm winter coat. Its space requirements are considerably larger than your ordinary plant; growing to between 2-5 feet high and 3 feet wide it can be quite a space taker in your garden but its all worth it for its sheer uniqueness. It requires plenty of sun and water in the summer months and can bloom from May to October if conditions of optimal.  If your looking for a challenge over the spring try growing one of these, I am sure no one else in the area will be doing so.

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