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Happy Hallowe'en

It's come at last: the scariest day of the year!

We've focused a little bit on pumpkins in the last few Hallowe'en blogs: if you need some inspiration to make your Hallowe'en extra, um, Hallowe'eny, just have a look at these ridiculously epic Jack o'Lanterns here!

And if you want to find out exactly where the whole pumpkin tradition comes from, click here to read....the original spooky tale of Stingy Jack, the grumpy Irish farmer who tricked the Devil, and became Jack O'Lantern!

And lastly, we can't resist giving one last little plug to our favourite image of the Hallowe'en season, this scary squirrel who found a Hallowe'en decoration filled with treats, and turned into a little monster!


Happy Hallowe'en!

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