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Facts, Jokes and Trivia

Need your factoid and new information fix for today? we have got you covered. Here are some facts, figures, challenges and general fun to keep us all occupied for one more day.

1. A pineapple is a berry.

2. Americans eat more bananas than any other fruit: a total of 11 billion a year.

3. Almonds are the oldest, most widely cultivated and extensively used nuts in the world.

4. Bananas are actually herbs. Bananas die after fruiting, like all herbs do.

5. Ginger has been clinically demonstrated to work twice as well as Dramamine for fighting motion sickness, with no side effects.

6. Banana oil has nothing to do with bananas; it's made from petroleum.

7. One pound of tea can make 300 cups of the beverage.


Q: Red, purple, orange, yellow, blue, and green - No one can touch me, not even a queen.

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This time it comes it the form of a animation

Pretty funny!

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