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What to plant this February!

With milder temperatures on the way it seems a good idea to start thinking of getting back out in the garden and planting some flowers! Even though the weather can still get pretty damn cold and the odd wintry shower or frost its still a great time to get back in the garden as the weather is on the way up. For all of the plants below if the soil is soft enough to be workable planting outside will give you a great head start but if its still two hard you can begin growing these plants indoors and move them outside.

Perennials  Perenial

Weather it’s the seeds of chrysanthemums, delphinium or lupine or plants like blooming bare root shrubs or heuchera, perennials are great for you to plant once and enjoy their blooms many times over with all of the above can be hand sown or planted in February.



Annuals are great; they are a small investment Annualsfor a bright and colourful return in a short period of time.  These two can be sown directly outside if the ground is malleable so go pick up seeds for carnations, marigolds, larkspur, poppies and forget-me-nots



It should be known that bulbs are slower growing than their seed counter parts so planting bulbs now will see them bloom in the summer or early autumn. A great selection of bulbs to plant now are canna, spider and white calla lilies, dahlia and gladiolus.


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