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International Mother's Day Fun and Interesting Facts

With International mothers day coming up this weekend (13th May) theres all sorts of crazy facts and statistics floating about the web about the how much work our lovely mums have done for us throughout their lives. A pick of some of the best are below, since it’s the Internet all should be taken with a pinch of salt and use at your own peril! Heres to all the amazing mothers out there and all there unsung hard work!

  • In America 140 million mothers day cards will be bought for this Sunday even though there are only 83 million mothers!
  • The earliest Mother’s Day in history was in ancient Greece when people paid tribute to Rhea, the mother of the gods with fine drinks, flowers at dawn and cake!
  • The lady who started Mother’s Day, Anna Jarvis, in 1908 filed a lawsuit in an effort to stop its over commercialisation by others. She lost……..
  • In the US there are approximately 122.5 million calls made on this day alone.
  • Worlds Oldest Mother – Rajo Devi Lohan gave birth to Naveen, a healthy baby boy at the age of 70 in 2008!
  • Worlds Heaviest New Born Baby – According to that big book or records the worlds heaviest baby is Anna Bates born in Canada in 1879 weighing a colossal 23.12 lbs but unfortunately she died only 11 hours later. The largest surviving baby in Italy in 1955 weighed 10.2kg (22lb 8oz)!!!
  • World Record for a Natural Pregnancy is held by an Argentinean women who, without any fertility treatment became pregnant with 12 babies. Unfortunately the pregnancy was lost before any of the babies were viable.
  • World Record for most babies born to one women is 69! 69 giving birth to 16 sets of twins, seven sets of triplets and four sets of quads!

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