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Top Tips For What To Do In The Garden This May

Well the weather doesn’t really seem to know what’s going or what it should be doing but hopefully now summer is approaching, the average temperatures increasing and we can begin to plough on with the summer schedule. Here are tips and things to be thinking about at the start of May to get you read for that last frost whenever it may be!

  • Collect all this rain water we’ve been having, invest in the biggest water butt you have space for and look at ways to recycle water for irrigation
  • Since the days are getting longer and the temperatures are starting to rise you need to get out and mow the lawn on a weekly basis. If its in need or repair, sow some grass seeds and aerate the soil by piercing holes into it with a garden fork.
  • The last frosts of the year generally happen around the start of May so be aware and ready to go out and protect any tender young plants.
  • Regularly check for weeds and remove / hoe them out.
  • If you’ve had a bumper spring bulb bloom and its all becoming a bit overcrowded simply lift up and re-plant with more space any groups of cramped bulbs.
  • If you have an medium to large hedges that need pruning attempt to take up topiary! It works best if your hedge or plant has a strong stem before attempting an assortment of wonderful shapes to spice up your garden. Be careful however for nesting birds which could have set up home in your hedges.


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