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7 Fun Facts About Roses

Roses are one of the most well-known and popular species of flowering plants, with bouquets of roses in particular known as being the quintessential choice for any budding lothario seeking romantic flowers for a loved one or a crush. There are many unusual and interesting facts about roses which you may be unaware of - we've chosen our top 7 fun rose facts for you to learn more about this romantic flower.

  1. There are over 100 species of rose in existence.
  2. Roses are often utilised in the creation of perfumes, thanks to the lovely odour created by microscopic perfume glands on their petals.
  3. The rose is the floral emblem of America and is also the official flower of the states of Iowa, New York, Georgia and North Dakota.
  4. Different colours of rose have different associations. Red represents love, yellow is for friendship, and orange means desire.
  5. The world's first blue rose was bred in 2009 thanks to advancements in genetic engineering. Prior to this, rose petals didn't have the correct enzyme required to make a blue pigment.
  6. The tallest rose bush ever recored reached an impressive 23 feet or 7 metres.
  7. The most expensive rose in the world was announced in 2006 by David Austin. Named the Juliet, it took 15 years and cost £3 million to breed!

So there you have it, our favourite fun facts about roses. Which did you find most interesting? Are there any you feel we've missed off this list?

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