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A Font of Flowers


You use fonts all the time (look, you're reading one right now!). And given that you're reading the Clare Florist Blog, which tends to have a certain, eh, floral focus, it's a pretty safe bet that you're a big fan of flowers, too.

But what would you think of combining the two?

Because that's exactly what one designer from the Maryland Institute College of Art has done. Anne Lee spent ages in her home photography studio making and photographing a whole alphabet of flowers. Speaking to, she revealed her motivations behind this delightful project. Asked 'why flowers', she responded, 'I happened upon these flowers and couldn't resist!'

' I got back to my studio and started sketching basic letterforms. Making lowercase letters seemed more economical, because there are similar shapes within the letters and I enjoyed playing with the ascenders and descenders. It was challenging to make sure all of the letters were approximately the same size. I started with a circle for size reference and went from there.'

She's also mentioned possibly releasing the typeface for free, which sounds like a pretty great project to us! After all, there's no better way to say it, than to say it with flowers....

The full alphabet from Anne Lee's remarkable project


All images copyright Anne Lee. Quotes sourced from thenextweb.

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