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Amazing Flower Photos Made of Splashing Water!

Now this is a ‘moist’ excellent idea! A notion to ‘dye’ for, one might say. We’ve all seen flower photos before, but ‘water’ way to do it!

Yep, these flower pictures certainly cause a splash!

The pun-derful pictures in question were created by photographer Jack Long. And what you have to bear in mind when you look at these photos is that they’re made entirely of splashing water. That isn’t a sculpture you’re looking at, and nor was it created by using Photoshop or similar digital trickery.

It’s just a splash of water, expertly choreographed so that – just for an instant, just for long enough to take a photograph – it looks a hell of a lot like a flower.

And check out this amazing slow-motion video, too, which gives a little insight into the way that Long’s photography wizardry works:

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