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Bees love their morning coffee too!

If you're anything like us, you find it jjust a little bit easier to function in the morning when you've had a nice steamy latte or shot of espresso.

But who knew that bees love a caffeine, er, buzz, too?

Scientists working for Newcastle University have been looking into flowers which contain caffeine, and they've discovered that bees are much more likely to return to a flower -- usually coffee or citrus flowers -- if those flowers give them a caffeine hit. 

Dr Geraldine Wright explains: "To date, the mechanism that causes caffeine to be rewarding to humans has been elusive, our results seem to imply that the interaction of caffeine with food reward pathways is similar in bees and humans."

So next time you sit down with that tasty freshly-ground brew, take a moment to consider that somewhere out there, a bee is sitting on a gorgeous citrus blossom. Taking in its first caffeine hit of the morning, just like you.

All together now: ahhhhhhh!


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