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Chrysanthemum - the Birth Flower of November

Did you know that every month of the year has a flower to symbolize births for the month of that year? The concept of birth flowers is thought to have been introduced by the Ancient Romans who celebrated births and birthdays with flowers, a tradition which continues up to the present day. This tradition is a great source of inspiration if you are stuck for birthday gift ideas!

November's birth flower is the Chrysanthemum, a flower noted for its austere beauty and tasteful, understated elegance. The word Chrysanthemum derives from Greek and translates as "golden flower." Within the Roman tradition of birth flowers, the Chrysanthemum is used to symbolise compassion, friendship and joy. Different colours of Chrysanthemums are used to denote different meanings - red is thought to represent love whilst white is symbolic of innocence. Tragically, yellow means 'unrequited love' and therefore would be quite an unfortunate bouquet to send!

Our beautiful White Chrysanthemum Plant would make for a great gift this month, whether you are celebrating a birthday or any other special occasion. This plant is also popular as a house-warming gift, helping instil goodwill, cheer and warm wishes in a new home.

We also have a wonderful selection of floral bouquets which feature the Chrysanthemum flower arranged amidst other flowers, ideal for an assortment of occasions. Whether you are letting that special someone know how much you care or your are looking to make a favourable impression on a first date, presenting flowers as a gift is a truly special and heartfelt gesture.

If you need your bouquet in a hurry then fear not! We offer next day delivery as standard and we can also customise your bouquet with your choice of a handwritten card. If you really want to spoil someone we have an array of optional extras which you can add to your order including premium chocolates, adorable teddy bears and glass vases.

Stay tuned to our blog over the coming months as we will be revisiting more birth flowers up to and beyond the new year!

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