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How to Keep Your Flowers from Wilting - Top 10 Tips

We are often asked how to stop flowers from wilting and dying, and so we have outlined our favorite top 10 tips below that you can use to help keep your flowers in better condition for longer.

Tip 1 - Remove any greenery from the bottom of your flower stems which will be in water. Removing these lower leaves helps keep the water cleaner and clearer, free of any germs and bacteria.

Tip 2 - Trim the stems - Make sure to cut away any parts of the stem which have been dried out or burnt. When cutting the stems, slice them at a 45 degree angle to improve water absorption. Also if you trim the stem under water it helps prevent any extra air from getting into into the stems.

Tip 3 - Cut Flowers will last longer if they are kept in cooler areas rather than out in direct sunlight. What you can do is move your flowers to a colder area during the night to help keep them in good condition for longer. Alternatively you could even place them in your fridge overnight!

Tip 4 - It is always best to use a clean vase when placing your flowers inside as this helps remove any germs on the glass which can cause your flowers to die early.

Tip 5 - You can also help your flowers to look their best by spraying them with a fine mist of water daily.

Tip 6 - To ensure the flowers steady flow of water, you can trim a tiny bit off the ends of the stems each day.

Tip 7 - You can also clean the flower stems by brushing them lightly with a  vegetable brush. The additional benefit of this is that it keeps the water cleaner for longer.

Tip 8 - To spice up your display, why not add a few drops of food coloring to the water to give it a nice tone.

Tip 9 - Make sure to remove any dead or dying flowers as soon as you can. When a flower is dying it emits a gas which can cause other flowers to wilt. To remove a dead flower snip the stem at an angle about an inch from the end of the flower.

Tip 10 - To try and save a wilted flower, add 3 teaspoons of sugar to lukewarm water and place your flower in it. The sugar has been known to cause your flower to perk back up. You can also try adding a few drops to the head of the flower.

Please share with us any other tips or secrets you know so that we can add them to our list!

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