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National Water a Flower Day May 30th

Next Saturday, May the 30th 2015, marks National Water a Flower Day. Despite being relatively obscure, we at Clare Florist feel that this is an important national holiday which should be honoured. According to the Holiday Insights website, a perenially informative and eye-opening resource, National Water a Flower Day is "a reminder to water your flowers... all of them."

This begs the question, do we really need a day set aside to remind us to properly care for our flowers? Hopefully the answer to that is no! Flower Care should be a year-round concern. For those of us who like to fill our homes with fresh plants and flowers, watering them regulrarly is an important task which quickly becomes second-nature. The volume of water you should use and the frequency of watering will vary from flower to flower and plant to plant - you can get more information on the Clare Florist Guide to Caring for Your Flowers which covers everything from roses and tulips to freesia and lilies. You can also view flower care infographics on our Pinterest page.

As well as keeping your flowers well watered, you should also refer to the care details supplied with your bouquet and keep them well-fed with the special flower food which is provided in sachet form with your flowers. Some flowers are better kept in a vase of warm water, others need cool water to keep the stems fresh and crisp. Other things to consider are keeping them away from sources of heat and out of direct sunlight.

There are plenty of other unconventional/new age approaches to consider as well - for example singing to your plants or playing them classical music. Deciding whether or not to adopt these in your daily flower care routine will largely be a matter of preference.

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