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Crazy Flower Facts for May

To mark the end of the May, we thought we would collect a selection of some fascinating flower facts which you may not have heard of. Have any of your own? Please share with us in the comments section!

  • The world's largest flower is the Titan Arum which can grow almost 10 feet tall. Unfortunately, due to it's horrid smell of rotten flesh, it is called the corpse flower.
  • Moon Flowers are a special flower which only blooms during the night, and the petals close during the day.
  • In 17th Century Holland, Tulip bulbs were more valuable than gold! The flower symbolized immortality, life and love. In most recipes, Onions can be replaced with Tulip Bulbs.
  • White flowers are usually the more stronger scented compared to other colorful flowers
  • Sunflower stems used to be used to fill life jackets before modern foam materials
  • Ran out of onions when cooking? Use tulip bulbs!
  • You can fit a bouquet of Wolffia flowers onto the head of a pin. These blooms grow on ponds and the body of the plant is only 0.9mm long and 0.5 mm wide max.

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