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Easter Gift Inspiration - Yellow Daffodils with Chocolate Eggs

I don't know about you, but I'm slightly incredulous about the fact that Easter is already almost upon us and we are nearing being a third of the way through 2018 already. Not that I'm complaining - longer days, milder weather and the appearance of spring flowers everywhere is nothing to get upset over.

If you were wondering when it's Easter 2018, wonder no more - the date for Easter this year falls on Sunday the 1st of April, coincidentally coinciding with April Fools Day. Which is cool - it means you can throw in the odd prank to make traditional Easter celebrations with friends and family a bit more interesting.

If you live far away from loved ones and would like to send them a gift for Easter, we've come up with the perfect solution with a new addition to our Letterbox Flowers collection. We've designed this range to be delivered in specially designed letterbox-friendly packaging. If no-one is home to accept delivery, our courier will gently pop the packaged through the receipient's letterbox.

The latest addition to our letterbox range is perfect for Easter - 20 yellow daffodils complete with a pack of mini Cadbury's Cream Eggs.

Yellow daffodils have strong connotations with the season of springtime and all that it entails: renewal, optimism, fresh starts. Add in some mouthwatering Cadbury's Creme Eggs and you've got just the thing to send wishes to loved ones over the Easter period. As well as sending to relatives or friends from afar, you could also bring these daffodils as a thank you gift for someone hosting a traditional Easter lunch.

Aside from being an inspired Easter gift, the Letterbox Daffodils with Creme Eggs would be perfect as a birthday present or as a thank you gift. If you feel like treating yourself you could even send these daffodils to yourself as a way to brighten up your own home!

[Update 2019 - Unfortunately we are no longer selling Letterbox Flowers}

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