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Unusual Flowers appear at the Harrogate Flower Show


There's been plenty of moaning going around (including a little bit here in this very blog, we have to admit...) about the extreme lateness of spring and hseer clinginess of winter this year.

But this does have a few surprise consequences -- on of which is that this year's Harrogate Flower Show could prove something of a novelty. Flowers such as daffodils, normally long out of season by the time this Yorkshire flower show rolls around, have hung around in the frosty weather -- meaning their pretty yellow face will be proudly on display this year. 

Many of the show gardens at the event take famous Yorkshire landmarks such as the Bingley Five Rise Locks as their inspiration.

There are seventeen show gardens this year, and the event continues until Sunday. So if you're in range of Harrogate, pop in and smell the flowers! Tickets cost £16.50, or £14.50 on Sunday.

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